Focused on Pumping Out Value.

At Heart Pine, we have simplified our services to provide the ultimate experience for our customers. We have narrowed down our services to one all-inclusive inspection. Our Heart Pine Residential Inspection is perfect for both Buyers and Homeowners looking to do a pre-listing inspection. We have pumped this inspection full of goodies so that our customers are getting the best value for their dollar.

Heart Pine Home Inspections Graphic


Heart Pine Residential Inspection

  • Up to 1900
  • 1901 to 2100
  • 2101 to 2200
  • 2201 to 2300
  • 2301 to 2400
  • 2401 to 2500
  • 2501 to 2600
  • 2601 to 2700
  • 2701 to 2800
  • 2801 to 2900
  • 2901 to 3000
  • 3001 to 4500

Additional Items

  • New Construction Package
    Includes an additional Pre Drywall Inspection and 11 Month Review.

    (Heart Pine Residential Inspection will be done prior to Closing.)

  • Older Homes
    Homes Built from 1940-1989 ($25)
  • Crawl Spaces
    + $80
    Homes with Crawlspaces

Tech Advantage

Naders Pest Raiders

A Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection is often required by your insurance provider. This is a very real concern in the state of Florida. A WDO Inspection should be carried out by a licensed and experienced PEST professional. At Heart Pine, we have teamed up with Nader’s Pest Raiders who has been in the pest business for more than 50 years. If a WDO is needed, you can purchase it through us and we will work with Nader’s to coordinate our inspection times and provide a clean and efficient process for everyone.

WDO Inspection

  • Up to 4000 sq ft
    **Homes larger than 4000 sqft will be priced individually
  • Crawl Spaces
    + $35 Homes with Crawlspaces

There are times in both New Construction and Existing Homes where debris in the waste line can cause significant issues. The last thing anyone wants is waste backing up in their new home. If you are interested in investigating your waste lines we recommend bringing in the professionals, thats why we have partnered with Justin the Plumber. We will be glad to coordinate their inspection with ours to create one easy process for all.

*Often removing toilets can void a warranty in New Construction situations. This is why our base Sewer Scope uses the waste cleanout to look from the house to the road (or septic tank). More indepth scopes can be done (custom pricing available upon request), however again may void any standing warranty with your builder.

Sewer Scope

  • BASE
    **Scopes from the house to the road through cleanout
    *May void builder warranty